Cancellation of May’s Party

Dear clubers, partners, friends;

The sanitary situation we are facing those last couple of weeks and the challenge of social distanciation and protection of everyone, especially the most vulnerable ones, from the propagation of the virus, is essential. It’s not only required by our government but also by our humanity. We cannot think of only ourself and our solo interest.

That's why we are officially cancelling the party on May 23rd in Luxembourg.

Venues will remain close until the end of July, and public gathering will be prohibited until this date, at least. And even in the case we’ll be allowed to do so, it will come with great precautions. We will have to wear face masks. Limiting our interaction. Oh, we know some of you have a pretty nice collection of face masks 😏.

We’ll get in touch with every one of our loyal customers who bought a ticket for the previous ones and let us transfer it for these. We’ll give you all the details on how to get a full refund for your ticket.

We want to thanks again all of people who are supporting us, and our loyal sponsors and communication partners who are still with us.

Be strong. We’ll get over this all together.
Be sage. #stayathome #washyourhands

– Thibault



Mr Bear Luxembourg 2018, founder of Woof: then men-only party, Banana Luxembourg and the non-profit Bear Dukes Luxembourg. I put online everything you see about those parties except the content, 'cause I have nice people around me to help for this task ;)


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