Black Flamingo

Fresh. Powerfull. Unstoppable!

Black Flaming first started his musical journey at a radio station and whilst there he soon realized that he wanted to play and mix tracks, so before long began to play in small Madrid clubs to build experience and knowledge.

A little later, his career began to take off, playing important events such as Supermartxe, EuroPride Madrid, WorldPride Madrid and also DJ of famous Eurovision singer Soraya Arenas in the tours Dreamer tour y Sensation tour.

Always unique and energetic, his sets are packed with fresh sounds -house, tribal and progressive rhythms that go hand in hand with elegant melodies and vocals, whist careful choosing tracks that make up incredible sets.

This passion has taken him all over the world -Los Angeles, Miami, Costa Rica on his first American Tour, along with Moscow, Dublín, Porto, Barcelona, Paris, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Rome…. in Europe. In 2015, he decided to make the leap into musical production, therefore, making his sessions more exclusive when playing his own remixes and mashups. Soon followed his own productions, collaborating with House vocalist Vanessa Leklein on the impressive “Beautiful” “Hollywood” and “Candyland” which were also remixed by major producers from around the world.

In addition, I made official remixes for international stars like Dan Slater, Leomeo or Sr. Edu, and Big Kid Dj with great success. Most recently released a cover version of the classic “I Will Survive” which reached number 8 on dance charts and was played in Pride events all around the world. A regular at Madrid Pride over the last 10 years and is now also Resident DJ in clubs both in Dublin and Oporto. Next comes the release of a new Original track “We Need Love” with International House Vocalist Rob Harris on Queen House Music.