Here’s our frequently asked question section. Each time we got a new question twice we add it here so you can get the information before having to contact us. 


Yes. We always have an at-door option where we accept cash, cards and contactless payment. 

Just keep in mind that online tickets are usually cheaper and grand you access to the party even if we are full-house.

All sales are finals. We are not issuing refund for unused tickets. Also, tickets are personal and an ID can be asked at the entrance.

However, in case of a cancellation of a party, your ticket will be valid for the next one. Contact us for more details.

Nope. Tickets are personals and an ID can be ask at the entrance.

If you are using an hotmail or yahoo email address, your ticket would had ended into your spam folder. Please start checking here.

You can request a resend of your ticket by contacting us.

Please avoid to. We can scan the ticket from your smartphone. Just show us your ticket and you’ll be allow to enter. Better choice for our planet.

Personal informations

When you are ordering online, we are saving your email, firstname and lastname. That’s it.

Our payment provider (Stripe) will store a fingerprint of your card and we’ll only see the last 4 digits to be able to communicate with you in case of trouble. We cannot charge your card without your consent.

When you are buying or receiving a ticket from us, we are thinking you got some interest in our events. That’s call « legitimate interest » in the GDPR framework. That’s why we are subscribing you to our newsletter. 

That’s also the most practical way to get information about the party you’ll attend in case of cancellation. 

You can unsubscribe at any time with the link at the end of the email.

Our solution provider, Mailchimp, is storing safely for us your email, names and language preference if any. 

When unsubscribing, Mailchimp will remove those information from his system and we’ll not be allowed to manually add you after that. 

You’ll still able to re-subscribe to our newsletter yourself.

You have the right to:

  • access (request informations we have on you)
  • edit (yourself or asking us to do it)
  • delete (ask us)
  • transfert (we’ll export the informations about you in an interoperable format)
  • anonymize (we’ll keep the data but remove your name)

To do so, please send us an email and we’ll try to be as responsive as possible. Some of those operation need more time than others to access all the data and extract them for ex. 

Photo & Videos

Yes. Ask the staff at the entry to gives you a badge which will identify you don’t want to be taken in photo or filmed. Our staff then will do is best to avoid you during the night.

We garante you will not post pictures of you online if you’re wearing that badge.

However, we’re not responsable for attendance taking picture and videos and posting them on social media nor restricting it.

Sure, just write us.

But be advise that we cannot remove all the pictures of our parties if you’re on all of them. When accessing our event, it’s clearly stated photographs and cameramans will be here to cover the event for promotional material.

We’re posting pictures with the crowd on this website galleries, on Bear Dukes Luxembourg Facebook private group and on our instagram account

Videos can end-up on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram .

Pictures of the performers, DJs and general crowd pictures are posted also on our Facebook Page.

More questions? Don’t find your answer? No problem, just ask us!