Woof Bear Pride Edition 2018


For the Luxembourg BEAR PRIDE 2018, we’ll invite 🎧 Neixom back in Luxembourg to play with our resident José Sanchez and not 2 but 3 performers incl. a very special guest Paul Brown !

💪🏼Paul Brown as guest performer, with Carlos Siqueira & Bibi Boy

📍 Spot 48, 48 rue d’Hollerich, Luxembourg
🎟Entry available online(12€ + fees) and at doors (15€). Included in the Weekend pack available at Bear Pride Website
💳Accepted online and at doors
🅿️ Free parking in the P+R Bouillon, then take the 🚌1️⃣
🐻This is an official Luxembourg BEAR PRIDE 2018 event.


José Sanchez

José Sanchez has been called to perform at some best european LGBTI parties (Paris, Brussels, Rome and Luxembourg). His experience gave the opportunity to headline twice the Paris Bear Pride, Rome Bears Monday and once per month to Brussels. He has proven himself to be a guaranteed crowd pleaser on all dance-floors.


Young DJ producer, began his gigs at age 12, with more than 20 years of experience, perfection, musical diversity and creative capacity.Recognized by his fellow DJs and promoters. If his performances as deejay are already well known both nationally and internationally, we must add, in addition, his facets as a model in magazines and clothing brands, as well as producer and musician in both the electronic and classic branches. He has been a resident of a large number of rooms, captivating his audience in each session, these qualify as one of the most powerful DJs. From the softest House, to the toughest Techno, going through the Progressive, House, Tribal, Trance, Minimal, Deep, E.D.M, etc.

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Venue and details

11:00 pm

Opening doors at

15 € at doors

Price (full)

12€ if you buy it online

Price (presales discount)


Minimum age. You'll may be asked to provide ID.


Sportswear, but we'll accept leather, rubber, skins, pups, ... No casual clothes.​


We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Contact-less payment, Cash.


No DJs announced yet.