Backstage Perpignan 5th Birthday

Our friends at Backstage Perpignan, the incredible cruising bar in South of France is celebrating their 5th year of existence with an entire weekend of party, including pool-party ! <img width= »717″ height= »1024″ src= »×1024.jpg » alt= » » srcset= »×1024.jpg 717w,×300.jpg 210w,×1097.jpg 768w, 1240w » sizes= »(max-width: 717px) 100vw, 717px » />

2019 is starting

We had already start working on 2019 ✊🏼 Slowly but steady, we already secured our two annual dates in Luxembourg. In march and in October for the Luxembourg Bear Pride 2019.  We have some performers in mind, especially for the bear pride since the party we cannot set up for the Mr. Rubber Election. We […]