Woof #17 Bear Pride 2019

The 17th WOOF Luxembourg at The Room, men-only party with DJ Hugo Jarocki, featuring Daddy Europe party. Come to check-out the picture. 🔞

Woof #17 Bear Pride 2019 – Community Edition

The 17th WOOF Luxembourg at The Room, men-only party with DJ Hugo Jarocki, featuring Daddy Europe party. Come to check-out the picture. 🔞

Collab Lauter Unfug at Melusina – June 22th

2019 seems to be the year of collaborations for us, and we cannot be unhappy about it. After announcing the partnership with Rainboworld for our party in Madrid during the gay pride, we are now collaborating with Lauter Unfung to occupy a room at their next big party in Melusina on June 22th.  Join us in the […]

Voucher from partners

We are quite pleased to announced we are now offering voucher via our partners. Business card sized, you find a unique code on their back, you can redeem online on our /redeem page. All you have to do is input the code and an email where to get your ticket, provide your name (since tickets […]

Luxembourg City Pride 2019

Like every year now since we are existing, we gonna team up with all the other LGBT+ parties in Luxembourg to create the most epic closing party of the Luxembourg Gay Pride (formely Gaymat).  This year, the schedule (which you can find on the facebook event here) is on steroid for Luxembourg city with a […]

Woof #14 Gorillas

The 14th WOOF Luxembourg at Spot48, men-only party with DJ Tio, featuring Gorillas party. Come to check-out the picture. 🔞

Backstage Perpignan 5th Birthday

Our friends at Backstage Perpignan, the incredible cruising bar in South of France is celebrating their 5th year of existence with an entire weekend of party, including pool-party ! <img width= »717″ height= »1024″ src= »http://woofmenonly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/54398015_2264756403546166_3461909172910555136_o-717×1024.jpg » alt= » » srcset= »https://woofmenonly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/54398015_2264756403546166_3461909172910555136_o-717×1024.jpg 717w, https://woofmenonly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/54398015_2264756403546166_3461909172910555136_o-210×300.jpg 210w, https://woofmenonly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/54398015_2264756403546166_3461909172910555136_o-768×1097.jpg 768w, https://woofmenonly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/54398015_2264756403546166_3461909172910555136_o.jpg 1240w » sizes= »(max-width: 717px) 100vw, 717px » />

2019 is starting

We had already start working on 2019 ✊🏼 Slowly but steady, we already secured our two annual dates in Luxembourg. In march and in October for the Luxembourg Bear Pride 2019. We have some performers in mind, especially for the bear pride since the party we cannot set up for the Mr. Rubber Election. We […]

Festish #BeYourself

It doesn’t happen everyday we had the chance to support a great project we really believe in, and with great inspiring people behind it. That’s the case of Festish! The Fetish party of France’s “Grand Est” we are proud to support via our non profit structure. Our resident DJ José Sanchez will put music the […]

Woof #12 : Bear Pride LU 2018

The 12th WOOF for the Bear Pride Luxembourg 2018, men-only party with DJ Neixom. Come to check-out the picture. 🔞