COVID 19 Party Cancellation

Following the latest developments regarding #covid19 and to protect our customer, we have to cancel the Woof Sin City Party. It comes to a double cost for us.

All events with + 100 people in a close venue are now prohibited to prevent the virus from spreading in Luxembourg and several other countries without information about the end of the measure.

First, we don’t like to cancel a party, never. We always try to accommodate change and be agile to offer a great event to our guest who sometimes anticipates the event for a couple of weeks.

Secondly, it cost us quite a lot. Most of the flights for performers and DJs are non-refundable and hotels aren’t quite cooperative right now facing the coronavirus. Keeping in mind we’re a non-profit and most of the Woof party are made to cover only their own cost.

We are genuinely sorry about this, but it’s for the best of all the population. Take care of yourself, wash your hands, practise social distancing and we hope it will be all gone in a couple of weeks.



Picture of thibault
Mr Bear Luxembourg 2018, founder of Woof: then men-only party, Banana Luxembourg and the non-profit Bear Dukes Luxembourg. I put online everything you see about those parties except the content, 'cause I have nice people around me to help for this task ;)


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