Woof #18 Sin City


This event is cancelled due to COVID19
Following the latest developments regarding #covid19 and to protect our customer, we have to cancel the event.

All events with + 100 people in a close venue are now prohibited to prevent the virus from spreading in Luxembourg and several other countries + the UK without information about the end of the measure.

We are genuinely sorry about this, but it’s for the best of all the population.

We’re coming with our 💪🏼Men-only party💪🏼 and a new concept: SIN CITY. We’re gonna take over the Bar Rouge and entirely relook it for the night. Plus, we’re inviting Black Flamingo from Madrid as guest DJ, Paco is coming back (WOOF Luxembourg 17) with Manuel Scalco (WOOF Paris 2) to put you on fire.

We’ll use the 2 floors of the venue, with a brand new second bar upstairs and videos 🔥. 

👺The event will be a private party, a totally privatised venue with only men and bouncer at doors. Say bye-bye to the glass doors. You’ll be totally anonymous from the outside 😜

Extra Infos
Doors until 3 then private closed party. All exit will be final. 🙅‍♂️No cloakroom

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Venue and details

11:00 pm

Opening doors at

15 € at doors

Price (full)

12€ if you buy it online

Price (presales discount)


Minimum age. You'll may be asked to provide ID.


Sportswear, but we'll accept leather, rubber, skins, pups, ... No casual clothes.​


We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Contact-less payment, Cash.



Black Flamingo
Fresh. Powerfull. Unstoppable! Black Flaming first started his musical journey at a radio station and whilst there he soon realized that he wanted to play and mix tracks, so before long began to play in small Madrid clubs to build experience and knowledge. A little later, his career began to take off, playing important events […]
Dj José Sanchez
José Sanchez has been called to perform at some best european LGBTI parties (Paris, Brussels, Rome and Luxembourg). His experience gave the opportunity to headline twice the Paris Bear Pride, Rome Bears Monday and once per month to Brussels. He has proven himself to be a guaranteed crowd pleaser on all dance-floors.